Dillon’s Mom

I don’t know if I cried more the first day we had to take Dillon to daycare or his last day when I picked him up. As a new mom, every thought I had about daycare was quickly proved wrong by Susie and the wonderful ladies at Almost Home. From my very first phone conversation with Susie I knew that my baby boy would be in GREAT hands. She made our childcare decision a very easy one.

I never once worried about Dillon during our time there because I knew he was receiving the same loving care at Almost Home that he got at home. These ladies loved our little boy as much as we do! He was always smiling and happy when I took him and when I picked him up. In fact, he was practically jumping out of my arms and into Susie’s in the morning and sometimes I would have to pry him away from her in the evenings. They were also extremely helpful to me as a new mom with friendly advice and reassurance.

What I found unique about Almost Home is that they actually involve the babies in activities, unlike most daycare infant rooms.  Dillon is able to sign words, identify body parts and animals, recognize stories and songs and is very bright. I know this is because of all the fun things they teach and do with the babies at Almost Home. And you can always expect wonderful surprises that melt your heart. The most important reason we chose Almost Home and what really sets them apart is the love that they have for each and every child!!

While Almost Home was a little far from home (we live in Simpsonville), we would definitely take our next child there. No place else compares! It was heartbreaking to leave- I cried a little everyday that last week. Susie, Millie, Jennifer, Michelle, Tasha and Stacy are amazing! We love them all and are so blessed they were a part of our lives, especially Dillon’s.

Kennedy’s Mom

We have been more than pleased with Almost Home.  Our daughter, Kennedy, was born premature and her immune system is weak.  She has been at Almost Home for three weeks and has not gotten sick.  The staff keeps this home immaculate.  We feel so good about having Kennedy with these ladies, that when I had the opportunity to stay at home with Kennedy, I decided not to…because of the benefits we believe Almost Home offers.

I have a flexible work schedule so I drop Kennedy off and pick her up at different times each day.  Whenever I walk in the door I see the staff interacting with the infants.  Some are coloring in a high chair, others are being sung to or encouraged in their play. The toys seem to change everyday. It is truly a wonderful place for infants.

5 years later

My son was born. Our first thought was to have Ben attend the same day-care where Kennedy was enrolled in preschool. We tried it for a couple weeks and realized there is still no better option for babies than with Susie at Almost Home! The larger day-care may have cute baby rooms but their overall focus seems to be on the 3-5 year olds. At Almost home the same group of loving ladies are with the babies each day. There is great consistency in care. Ben was born premature and required a helmet and physical therapy throughout the day. Almost home went above and beyond to support Ben’s physical therapy needs! Wonderful group of ladies! Thank you!!! I can change/add etc if you decide you would like to add it on. Just let me know! We moved to Prospect about a month ago.

Kennedy is at Goshen Elementary and so far we are really pleased. I LOVE that all the neighbors go to the same school! Ben is walking..but still just babbling. He doesn’t want to talk! I have drove down Billtown a couple times the last month and both times you were walking across the street. In my car I wave and yell, HI SUSIE!

Thank you for all you did for me in probably the hardest year of my life so far! I hope all is going well for you! Thanks, Wendy

The role for these ladies in the life of growing infants is strong and we would recommend Almost Home to anyone.

Zoe’s Mom

We’ve all heard it said that choosing childcare is one of the most difficult tasks parents face. And, it’s true. If you’re reading this it’s probably because you are considering choosing Almost Home for your baby. While each family has different priorities and perspectives, I hope what I share with you will help with your decision. From the moment I walked in the door at Almost Home, it just felt right. The place was clean, bright and had a happy feel. The staff were all friendly and welcoming. The babies all seemed happy, well tended and full of life. (We had visited other daycares where the babies seemed melancholy and lethargic…as if they weren’t ever engaged in activities or stimulated.) Susie took plenty of time with us to show us around and answer all of our questions. After the tour, we told her we would talk about it and get back with her. In less than an hour, we were back with our completed enrollment forms. I immediately knew I had made a good choice because when Susie saw us come back, she was delighted. She shouted out, “We’re getting Zoe!” And, we could tell that her excitement was genuine.

Looking back, I had no idea at the time how good of a decision I had made. Granted, the first time I dropped Zoe off, I was a nervous wreck and cried and cried because I had to leave her. However, as weeks passed I became amazed at the fact that I never worried about her. I found myself sitting at work thinking about her, but I NEVER WORRIED ABOUT HER because I knew she was in good hands. I never had to wonder how her day was. Not only were we kept informed with our Baby-Grams, but the staff always spoke with us on our way in and out. Also, when I would drop Zoe off in the morning, she always happily went to whoever I handed her to. She was always happy to be there.

The staff at Almost Home helped us with each developmental milestone Zoe reached. When she transitioned to baby food, they helped. When she showed signs of trying to crawl, they helped.

Over the year, Zoe bonded with each member of the staff. And to this day, I would trust any of these women with her. In my opinion, these women are angels on earth because they give all of themselves to each little baby everyday.

Our babies’ first years are so important. Their experiences during their first years shape who they will be later in life. That’s why it is so important that they are loved and nurtured the way Almost Home does. While we plan for Zoe to be an only child, if she should ever have a brother or sister, there is no question where he or she would go….Almost Home.